Combo Roofing System


SECC Roof Seal system provides perfect solution for water proofing and thermal insulationrequirement for all types of roofs.
SECC has the experience and expertise to take your insulation roofing systems to the next level.
SECC guarantees the roof seal system life time of 25 years against any leakage.
SECC Roof Seal system offers solutions to many common problems caused by other roofing
systems, Seams and penetrations are the major source of leaks in most roof systems.
It is seamless, self-flashing roof system that stops flashing leaks in problem areas,
With a conventional roof system, rainwater often migrates under the roofing material. This lateral
migration makes it very difficult to find and repair a leak.
SECC Roof Seal system adheres completely to the substrate preventing water migration.

Combo Roofing System Advantages

1. Heat Insulation with no joints or gaps.
2. Provides a waterproof monolithic seamless roof system.
3. Guarantee of 25 years against any leakage.
4. A proven roofing and insulation system as it have been applied successfully for over 50 years.
5. Perfect insulation for roof mounted units, penetrations, curbs & parapets.
6. Self flashing.
7. Excellent adhesion to the substrate.
8. No lateral water migration because of the closed cell structure.
9. Improves resistance to wind uplift.
10. Reduces installation time.
11. Offers highest R-value per inch giving maximum insulation performance at minimum thickness.
12. Decreases energy costs compared to alternative solutions.
13. Low material weight.
14. Recover or repair existing roofs without tearing off the entire roof insulation.
15. High strength as it will not pack down or sag.
16. Very flexible & has the ability to withstand the strain of normal expansion and contraction of  a structure without affecting the ability to remain adhered and sealed.
17. Asbestos and Formaldehyde Free.